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Topics For Consideration With Swift Tactics Of Fertility Difficulties

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It showed 27% of the men did not need a biopsy at all. Media captionDr Hashim Ahmed describes on Radio 4’s Today a new breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis And 93% of aggressive cancers were detected by using the MRI scan to guide the biopsy compared with just 48% when the biopsy was done at random. Dr Ahmed, who works at University College London Hospitals, told the BBC News website: “This is a significant step-change in the way we diagnose prostate cancer. “We have to look at the long-term survival, but in my opinion by improving the detection of important cancers that are currently missed we could see a considerable impact. “But that will need to be evaluated in future studies, and we may have to wait 10 to 15 years.” Chris, 70, from Hassocks, West Sussex Chris first noticed the symptoms at the theatre a decade ago, when he needed to go to the toilet repeatedly. Doctors found his prostate was enlarged. In May last year, Chris needed to see his doctor again, as he was feeling tired a lot of the time. Prostate cancer was suspected, and he was offered an MRI scan as part of the trial. He says: “I’d heard from a friend that a prostate biopsy could be extremely painful and uncomfortable, so was Liked this pleased to know that I wouldn’t be sent for one unless the doctors were confident I needed it.” In the end, he still needed a biopsy, and he was diagnosed with a cancer that had not spread out of the tumour. He is now considering what to do about treatment.

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